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 Important Forms

Click on name to fill out PDF form, print and follow instructions on form


  • Change of Address  is to be used by owners requesting an address change. Anadarko requires a written executed request for any address updates.

  • Proof of Death and Heirship  is a written statement of facts concerning the family and marital history of a deceased person, sworn to by the person making the statement (the "Affiant") before two disinterested parties who are familiar with the deceased's family.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) / Direct Deposit  is used to set up automatic deposit of royalty funds into owner's bank account.

  • Termination of EFT  is used when an owner currently has royalty funds directly deposited into their bank account and wishes to stop direct deposit and receive their royalties by check.

  • W9 - Request for Tax Payer is a request for taxpayers' identification number and certification. Anadarko uses this form for verification of owner's tax number, name, address and owner type.

  • Change Minimum Release  is used when owner's minimum release amount is the standard $100 minimum and owner wishes to change it to a $25 minimum.