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Anadarko is committed to applying proven technology to discover and develop new opportunities.

Subsalt Exploration

Anadarko has successfully and safely explored for energy resources beneath salt layers in the subsurface for more than a decade. During this time, Anadarko's geoscientists have developed a subsalt exploration methodology that includes applying leading-edge technology to process and interpret geophysical data. The combination of expertise in technological applications and exploration experience has enabled Anadarko to establish a differentiating skill set and industry-leading deepwater exploration success rate that is being applied to proven and emerging basins worldwide.

Deepwater Spar Technology

Anadarko has an extensive collection of spar floating production facilities spanning the Gulf of Mexico. One of the major benefits of the floating spar facility is the ability to move it and drill additional wells under the spar. This allows for phased development of deepwater fields. View photos of our operated spars, in our Media Library.

Horizontal Drilling

Horizontal drilling is a technology that is key in unlocking vast new oil and natural gas resources in the U.S. onshore. It is a method of drilling thousands of feet vertically then turning the drill bit to drill another several thousand feet horizontally along the subsurface resource-bearing rock formations. This practice allows for the wellbore to access a larger cross section of the targeted reservoir, increasing production rates. Horizontal drilling also significantly reduces the amount of surface space needed for production by enabling numerous wells to be drilled from a single pad. Doing so, enables producers to consolidate gathering equipment, roads and pipelines, and reduces truck traffic and associated emissions.

Water Management

Throughout its areas of operations, Anadarko works to conserve and protect water resources. These efforts include an extensive pipeline system in the Wattenberg field, "Water-on-Demand" program in the Eagleford Shale, and special impoundments in the Marcellus Shale. These efforts conserve water, and reduce truck traffic associated with the transfer of water -- meaning fewer trucks on the road and fewer emissions.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Anadarko is tapping this commonly used tool for gathering spatial data about a region in uncommon ways. GIS provides us with a big-picture view of an area's roads and pipeline systems, terrain, populated areas and environmentally sensitive locations to better plan how we do business in a particular part of the world. By integrating operational and business data about an area with GIS-provided topography, population and environmental details, Anadarko can evaluate, plan and carry out new-venture opportunities with greater efficiency. Learn more about our iMAPs program.

Stim Center

In Colorado's Wattenberg field, Anadarko has pioneered the use of "Stim Centers," which enable the company to remotely apply hydraulic fracturing technology to multiple wells as far as a mile away. Stim Centers reduce truck traffic, water usage, noise and other disturbance in more urbanized areas.