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Granger Complex and Rendezvous Pipeline


Granger Complex

Owned and operated by Western Gas Partners, LP, the Granger System is located in Sweetwater County, Wyoming and consists of a gas processing facility, an 857-mile natural gas gathering system and eight field compression stations with 43,950 horsepower. The processing facility has a cryogenic capacity of 200 MMcf/d and refrigeration capacity of 100 MMcf/d with NGL fractionation.

The Granger system is supplied by the Moxa Arch and the Jonah and Pinedale anticline fields. Anadarko is the largest customer on the Granger system with approximately 32% of throughput for the year ended December 31, 2013. The remaining throughput was primarily from four third-party shippers.

Rendezvous Pipeline

Rendezvous is a 338-mile pipeline system that delivers gas from the Pinedale and Jonah fields to WES’s Granger processing facility and to QEP Field Services’ Blacks Fork facility. QEP is the operator of Rendezvous, and WES holds a 22% interest in the system.


Granger Complex

Market Access - Residue Gas

Colorado Interstate Gas Company (CIG) (Kinder Morgan)
Kern River Gas Transportation Company (MidAmerican)*
Mountain Gas Transportation LLC (MGTI) (WES)
Northwest Pipeline Company (NWPL) (Williams)
​Overthrust Pipeline (Questar)
​Questar Gas Management Company (QGM)

 *via a connect with Rendezvous Pipeline Company, a FERC-regulated Questar affiliate

Market Access - NGLs

Local Markets
Mid-America Pipeline (MAPL) (Enterprise)


Operating Data

2012 Average Volume 338 MMcf/d
Gathering Lines 857 Miles
Receipt Points 706
Gas Compression (Horsepower) 43,950
Compressor Stations 8
Processing Capacity (Cryogenic) 200 MMcf/d
Processing Capacity (Refrigeration) 100 MMcf/d
Fractionation Capacity 9,5000 Bbls/d


Rendezvous Pipeline

Operating Data

2012 Average Volume (net) 146 MMcf/d
Pipeline 338 Miles
Receipt Points 4
Gas Compression (Horsepower) 7,485
Compressor Stations 1


Granger Complex

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Granger Complex


Regional Manager
Chris Wilson
Phone: (720) 929-6061
E-mail: Chris.Wilson@anadarko.com

Area Representative
Shanna Douglas
Phone: (720) 929-6651
E-mail: Shanna,Douglas@anadarko.com


Scott Heiner
Phone: (307) 875-8785
E-mail: Scott.Heiner@anadarko.com