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Greater Natural Buttes Gas Gathering System


Anadarko uses assets, capacity and operational experience in the Greater Natural Buttes gas gathering system (“GNB”) to effectively move gas from the field to the marketplace in the Uinta Basin. GNB is a low-pressure gathering and compression system, operating at 70 psig in the low and 350 psig in the intermediate stages, moving natural gas from field compressor stations to the Chipeta plant for processing. Anadarko is a safety-based operational leader in the Uinta Basin and utilizes electric-driven compression and centralized zero-emission dehydration units to increase on line performance while minimizing emissions to provide capacity for growing Uinta Basin natural gas volumes.

Greater Natural Buttes Gathering

Market Access

Colorado Interstate Gas Company (CIG) (Kinder Morgan)
Questar Pipeline Company (QPC)
Wyoming Interstate Company (WIC) (Kinder Morgan)


Operating Data

2012 Average Volume 595 MMcf/d
Gathering Lines 996 Miles
Gas Compression (Horsepower) 162,112
Compressors 90



Chipeta Processing LLC and the Greater Natural Buttes Gas Gathering System

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Greater Natural Buttes Gas Gathering System


Regional Manager
David Gibbens
Phone: (720) 929-6590
E-mail: David.Gibbens@anadarko.com


Jeff Duncan
Phone: (435) 781-7030
E-mail: Jeff.Duncan@anadarko.com