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 Eagleford Technology

Applying Technology to Safely Maximize Value


Anadarko's application of technology is key to unlocking the tremendous resource potential of the Eagleford Shale. It begins with horizontal drilling, which enables Anadarko to efficiently maximize access to the productive formations, while minimizing the amount of surface space needed to develop these resources. A second essential technology is hydraulic fracturing, which must be applied in order to produce the resources from the dense shale formations thousands of feet beneath the earth's surface.

Water Management and Conservation

Anadarko develops and implements water-management strategies tailored to local geology and environmental conditions to protect and conserve water resources. In southwest Texas, this strategy includes an expansive water infrastructure of more than 80 miles of water pipeline, enabling the company to source, store and distribute water in a manner that dramatically reduces truck traffic, improves safety and eliminates associated emissions.

Key Statistics

  • 3Q14 Net Production: 76,000 BOE/d
  • Net Acreage: ~185,000
  • Anadarko Instrumental in Creating GWPC's Registry website
  • Publicly Shares All Frac Ingredients on a Per-Well Basis
  • Available to Anyone, Anytime, in Real Time

Anadarko discusses the Eagleford
Shale play and its safe development
while protecting the environment.