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New Zealand: Environmental Health and Safety

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE)

A safety-first culture is a way of life at Anadarko. As we carry out an exploration program in New Zealand, we study the unique considerations of the areas in which we operate including geographic analyses, atmospheric, climate and oceanic considerations, and wildlife, sensitive species and habitat surveys. These activities assist in the creation of a balanced plan that couples safe energy development with innovative techniques to protect the natural environment.

Fundamental to our operating philosophy is a commitment to adhere to the strictest of standards: the individual state or country's regulations, our own policies and principles, or international industry standards.

Beyond New Zealand, examples of Anadarko's commitment to environmental excellence include:

  • 2013 Platts Global Energy Award for E&P Leadership for the Mozambique project
  • 2013 Earth Day Award from the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining
  • 2012 Platts Global Energy Award for Deepwater Engineering
  • 2012 Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission Awards for Environment and Community Relations (video)
  • 2012 Greater Natural Buttes Record of Decision from the U.S. Department of the Interior (video)
  • 2012 Appalachian Shale Recommended Practices and Procedures (document)
  • Anadarko's development of Ocean Current Power Generation technology (video)

For a more complete list of Anadarko's awards and recognitions, click here.

Adhering to Regulations

Our focus is always on prevention, and we recognize the importance of preparation and response capabilities. That’s why we develop a comprehensive emergency response plan for each project. All personnel and members of the wider response network (contractors, suppliers, government agencies, etc.) are expected to understand their roles and responsibilities, and the plan is reviewed and approved by Maritime New Zealand (MTNZ) prior to commencing operations.

Anadarko works cooperatively with MTNZ and has access to the Global Response Network – a coalition of major response companies – which provides a significant inventory of containment and response equipment, as well as the expertise to respond anywhere in the world.

Permitting and reporting requirements

Anadarko is committed to working cooperatively with New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals and routinely meets with government agencies to make sure we are aware of and responsive to regulatory requirements. Companies seeking to explore for and produce oil and natural gas must adhere to regulatory requirements in a number of areas, including:

  • Environmental protection
  • Emergency Response
  • Biosecurity management
  • Health and safety