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Anadarko is dedicated to protecting the natural beauty of New Zealand. We believe operating safely and in a responsible manner is paramount, as we explore for energy resources that are fundamental to modern life.

Anadarko New Zealand Company

Anadarko has been actively engaged in New Zealand since 2008. We have established an office in Wellington and advanced exploratory programs in deepwater Taranaki, Pegasus and the Canterbury Basins.
In December 2012, the New Zealand Government announced the awarding of two additional adjoining petroleum exploration permits to Anadarko in the Pegasus Basin, which is located Southeast of the Wairarapa. The next step here is to continue the extensive science work and desktop and geological surveys to gain a clear picture of the environment and the rock formations that exist thousands of feet below the seabed. All of the science requires a significant investment of time, and any testing of identified prospects would only occur years down the road, pending the results of our analysis.

Leader in Deepwater Exploration

Anadarko is recognized worldwide for its leading deepwater exploration, production and project-management expertise. Leveraging leading-edge technology, Anadarko ranks in the top five for number of wells drilled in water depths greater than 1,500 meters and is the second most active driller in water depths greater than 2,300 meters over the last 10 years, according to IHS Energy. The company has been recognized on a number of occasions with technology awards from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) for achievements that include the world's first classic spar, truss spar and cell spar, as well as the world's deepest and largest natural gas processing facility at Independence Hub.


Commitment to Safety and the Environment

Conducting operations with the utmost care for safety and the protection of New Zealand’s unique environment is essential. Anadarko has worked to engage stakeholders to gain a clear understanding of the environmental and cultural considerations of the areas and communities. Consistent with its approach to all international opportunities, the company creates a balanced plan to protect the locations in which it operates and applies the strictest of standards: the individual country’s regulations, our own policies and principles or international standards.