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Unlocking the Promise of U.S. Natural Gas

Anadarko is committed to safety and transparency as we produce essential oil and natural gas resources, protect the environment, safeguard water supplies, preserve wildlife and support the communities where we operate. The advent of natural gas and liquids-rich shale plays have fundamentally transformed the energy outlook in North America. The combination of horizontal drilling and time-tested hydraulic fracturing has made it economically possible to produce oil and natural gas from shales and tight-rock formations enhancing energy security, generating significant tax revenue and supporting new jobs and investment.

Anadarko continues to be a leader in publicly sharing information regarding hydraulic fracturing. Through the Groundwater Protection Council's (GWPC) FracFocus online public registry, citizens can access information on individual wells by county, state or operator. To find a well near you, visit FracFocus.org. 


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