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Upstream - Colorado

Colorado Response

"Colorado residents must feel safe in their own homes, and I want to be clear that we are committed to understanding all that we can about this tragedy as we work with each investigating agency until causes can be determined."

— Brad Holly
Executive Vice President, U.S. Onshore Exploration & Production


Following the tragic accident that occurred in April 2017 in Firestone, Colo., we began taking the following steps to help reassure the community and begin the process of rebuilding trust in the safety of our operations.

Anadarko Operational Actions

  • We temporarily shut in all of our more than 3,000 operated vertical wells across northeastern Colorado. When a well is shut in, it means that no oil or natural gas is being produced or flowing through the associated equipment.
  • We have begun the process of inspecting all wells, with priority being placed on wells and infrastructure that are in closer proximity to homes and communities.
  • All wells (both newer horizontal and older vertical wells) will undergo a thorough safety inspection, consisting of more than 25 steps to look at the wellhead, infrastructure and flowlines (see Inspection Process Overview). We are looking to ensure each:
      • has integrity (no leaks, drips or spills);
      • is secure and well maintained;
      • is upgraded, if necessary; and
      • receives a site survey to identify any changes in surroundings (i.e. new developments or construction occurring nearby).

    Typical Vertical Well Schematic

  • No well will be turned back on until it and all associated equipment has undergone and passed these inspections.
  • We also are taking an extra step to permanently disconnect all underground 1-inch low-pressure supply or "return" lines from every vertical well (see Vertical Well Schematic).

Once the inspection process for all vertical wells, associated flowlines and facilities is complete, we will provide an update on this web page.

Regulatory Actions

  • The state regulatory authority – the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) – has issued a statewide Notice to Operators requiring all operators to inspect systematically their inventory of existing flowlines and verify that any existing flowline not in active use is abandoned.
  • In addition, operators are required to document the location of all existing active flowlines located within 1,000 feet of a building unit and ensure and document the lines have integrity. 

Approximately 350 Anadarko team members are working to complete the inspections and
to comply with the COGCC’s directive by the expected completion date for each phase. 

Additional Actions

We have multiple teams of employees available to continue listening, engaging and working with our neighbors in northeast Colorado. These efforts currently include:

  • Working with the Oak Meadows Home Owners Association to:
    • Provide funding for methane detection equipment for individual homeowners
    • Fund the cleanup and upgrade of the neighborhood park
  • Engaging with the Colorado Oil and Gas Association (COGA) and other trade organizations to share best practices
  • Enhancing communication with Colorado homebuilders and commercial developers
  • Focusing a team of employees on engaging with various municipalities, county and state officials, and HOAs throughout the DJ Basin

You can reach our Colorado response line at 866.248.9577 or anadarkocolorado@anadarko.com, or you may contact us using the form below.

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