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Upstream - Colorado

Colorado Response

"Colorado residents must feel safe in their own homes, and I want to be clear that we are committed to understanding all that we can about this tragedy as we work with each investigating agency until causes can be determined."

— Brad Holly
Executive Vice President, U.S. Onshore Exploration & Production


Updated June 30, 2017

Colorado’s regulatory authority – the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) – issued a statewide Notice to Operators (NTO) on May 2. Below is an update on the status of Anadarko’s progress on the requirements of each phase, along with a summary of the voluntary actions taken by the company and other relevant information.

NTO Phase 1 – Identify and document flowlines (risers) within 1,000 feet of a building unit. Anadarko submitted documentation to the COGCC in compliance with the May 30 deadline.

NTO Phase 2 – Abandon inactive flowlines (risers) fieldwide and integrity test risers within 1,000 feet of a building unit. Anadarko submitted documentation to the COGCC in compliance with the June 30 deadline. As previously addressed, Anadarko was granted a 30-day extension to complete the abandonment portion of Phase 2. Our employees and contractors substantially completed in a safe manner the abandonment of more than 2,400 inactive steel flowline risers by June 30, with a relatively small number of remaining inactive flowlines to be abandoned by July 31.

As we finalize the work to meet the NTO requirements, our employees and contractors will shift their efforts to safely returning to production wells and infrastructure that passed inspection. As part of the quality-control efforts during our ongoing normal operations, we will continue to abandon inactive flowlines and perform flowline integrity procedures.

The status of our required actions related to the NTO and our voluntary actions, as of June 30, 2017, is summarized below:

Required Actions Associated with NTO Phase 1 and Phase 2

  1. 53,000+ lines of data were compiled in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 documentation process, covering approximately 1,100 production facilities and 4,200 wells.
  2. The COGCC has been provided with the location ID number for the associated production facilities, well API numbers, GPS location data for the start and end points of all flowlines, and active or abandoned status of each.
  3. All active flowlines and facility piping located within 1,000 feet of a building unit have been inspected.
  4. 4,000+ active flowlines connecting wellheads to associated infrastructure were pressure tested. Approximately 99.6% of the flowlines tested demonstrated good integrity by passing pressure testing. The remainder are being repaired and will be re-tested to ensure integrity.
  5. 2,400+ inactive steel flowlines have been disconnected, and plugged and abandoned, with a relatively small number of remaining inactive flowlines to be abandoned by July 31.

Typical Vertical Well Schematic

Additional Actions

  1. ~3,600 one-inch return lines associated with our operated vertical wells have been disconnected, and plugged and abandoned.
  2. All operated vertical wells are undergoing a 25-step comprehensive inspection process. During this inspection process to date, there have been no deficiencies identified that pose a risk to human health, and only one minor injury requiring first aid was incurred.
  3. ~30 vertical wells, which were temporarily shut in following the Firestone accident, have been returned to production totaling approximately 200 barrels of oil equivalent per day.


Additional Information 

We have multiple teams of employees available to continue listening, engaging and working with our neighbors in northeast Colorado. These efforts currently include:

  • Attending a town hall with the Oak Meadows neighborhood that was conducted on May 24. Read Vice President, Rockies Operations, Craig Walters’ prepared remarks. More than 170 residents attended.
  • UPDATE JULY 11, 2017: Remediation efforts under the oversight of COGCC are proving successful at a location near Oak Meadows Blvd., and the location of the accident where isolated areas of methane were detected during soil testing. Recent lab results indicate the methane has been removed from the soil and currently no methane is being detected in any of the 63 monitoring wells. The implementation of two Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) trailers to vacuum vent wells significantly accelerated the rate of removal. Based on these successful lab results, the SVE systems are no longer needed, meaning the equipment, trailer and associated piping can be removed. Under the COGCC's oversight, we will continue to have monitoring wells onsite through early fall to ensure the absence of methane. 

  • Funding the purchase of methane detection equipment for all residents in the Oak Meadows neighborhood. The HOA provided the detectors to residents on Saturday, May 27.
  • Funding the cleanup and upgrade of the Oak Meadows neighborhood park.
  • Engaging with the Colorado Oil & Gas Association and other trade organizations to share best practices.
  • Enhancing communication with Colorado homebuilders and commercial developers.
  • Focusing a team of employees on engaging with various municipalities, county and state officials and HOAs throughout the DJ Basin.

You can reach our Colorado response line at 866.248.9577 or anadarkocolorado@anadarko.com, or you may contact us using the form below.

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