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Health, Safety & Environment

At Anadarko, we are committed to conducting our business the right way.

We manage and operate our worldwide assets in a manner consistent with our core values to protect health and safety, and to comply with applicable health, safety and environmental laws, regulations and international standards.

We continually seek ways to enhance our operations in the areas of health, safety and the environment. This was evidenced when Anadarko earned LEED Certification and the EPA's Energy STAR designation for efforts to conserve energy at its headquarters and other facilities.  

A safety-first culture is a way of life at Anadarko. Whenever we undertake a new project, we work to understand the environmental and cultural considerations of an area. Then we create a balanced plan that couples new energy development with innovative techniques that are tailored to protect the locations where we operate. Fundamental to our operating philosophy is a commitment to adhere to the strictest of standards: the individual state or country's regulations, our own policies and principles, or international industry standards.

Anadarko works hard to make a positive difference. We:

  • Participate in wildlife studies to understand migration patterns of wildlife and to preserve habitats
  • Develop drilling techniques that reduce the surface area occupied by our facilities
  • Develop comprehensive water-management plans that conserve water and eliminate significant truck traffic and associated emissions
  • Create new wetlands that maintain viable fisheries and provide much-needed  water for wildlife 
  • Find ways to proactively reduce greenhouse gas emissions