REMINDER: Please note that the scheduled outage due to emergency maintenance on the Lake Robbins Tower is in effect this weekend. Functionality may be limited during this maintenance, particularly for Houston-based personnel..

Remote Access Portal


Please choose from the following remote access applications:

1. Webmail
Web-based access to Outlook E-mail, Calendar, and Tasks.
2. Citrix Remote
Remote access to Citrix applications.
3. Remote Desktop
Remote control of your Anadarko desktop PC. Watch this short video for a quick tutorial on Remote Desktop.
4. Concur
Remote access to Concur Central.
5. NICE Remote
Remote access to NICE desktop.
6. Microsoft Lync
To reset your Lync dial-in PIN or retrieve your permanent conference ID and conference URL, logon to Click here to learn about Lync meetings: About Lync meetings.
7. Legacy Citrix Remote
Legacy Citrix access.


The following link is to be used only during a declared Anadarko disaster situation or testing:

Disaster Recovery Portal - Remote access to recovery-related information and applications.
If you encounter any problems with this site please contact the Global Support Center at 832-636-2900 or toll-free at 866-707-1201.