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Good Governance

We take seriously our commitment to deliver necessary energy to the world, and we maintain our core values of integrity and trust, servant leadership, people and passion, commercial focus and open communication in all of our business activities. We believe how we do business is as important as what we do, and we invite you to read our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for more information on our values and how Anadarko employees put those values into practice every day. We have structured our organization to reflect our commitment to sound governance:

  • With the exception of our CEO, the Board of Directors is completely independent.
  • In 2013, we enhanced the duties of the Independent Lead Director.
  • We have a declassified Board of Directors, allowing for shareholders to vote annually for each director.
  • We have implemented proxy access, allowing for shareholders meeting certain criteria to place a director candidate on the company's proxy card for the annual meeting.
  • We maintain a robust year-round shareholder engagement process providing a mechanism for senior management and the Board of Directors to receive feedback direcly from shareholders.

As a global operator, we abide by all international, federal, state, regional and municipal laws and regulations, including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). 

Additionally, Anadarko is committed to sound and efficient operation of our sub-surface exploration and production, as well as our above-ground facilities, resources and communities. We invite you to learn more about our risk management practicesapproach to human rights and the leadership committees that continually evaluate and research these topics.

Governance Documents

The Board of Directors has adopted written charters for all three independent committees that provide, among other things, an annual self-evaluation. 

Board Committees

H. Paulett Eberhart

Governance and Risk

Chairperson: Ms. Eberhart (lead director) 
Members: Mr. Chase, Dr. Gourley 
Downloads: Governance and Risk Committee Charter


See Board Bios


Compensation and Benefits

Chairperson: Mr. Gorder
Members: Mr. Fluor, Mr. Gordon
Downloads: Compensation Committee Charter

Mullins - Round


Chairperson: Mr. Mullins
Members: Mr. Constable, Ms. Farley, Mr. McKinley
Downloads: Audit Committee Charter

Walker - Round


ChairpersonMr. Walker
Members: Ms. Eberhart, Mr. Gorder, Mr. Mullins 

You may anonymously report violations of Anadarko’s code of ethics
by calling the Anadarko Hotline at 877-781-2434.