Political Contributions and Expenditures

Anadarko believes transparency is vital to promote a strong and thriving democracy, as well as to preserve the integrity of the American electoral process. Anadarko publicly provides its political contributions and expenditure activities below to ensure that such activities are transparent to the company’s stockholders and other stakeholders.

Corporate Political Contributions and PAC Contributions

In 2017, Anadarko did not make any corporate contributions to support candidates, or state and local ballot measures. Contributions by Anadarko’s political action committee (PAC) to candidates and political party committees in 2017 totaled less than $144,000.

To improve access to information about Anadarko’s corporate political and PAC contributions, Anadarko annually posts a report, which demonstrates its adherence to its transparency principles and its Political and Public Engagement Policy. This report also identifies Anadarko’s corporate and PAC political contributions in the United States, as well as contributions to state or local ballot measure committees and other organizations organized under section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. In 2017, Anadarko contributed $52,000 to organizations operating under section 527. Reports on Anadarko’s corporate and PAC contributions made within the United States for 2012 and subsequent years are available in the Political Contributions Archive to the right. 

Independent Expenditures

Anadarko has not used corporate or PAC funds to make any direct independent expenditures on behalf of candidates running for public office. If Anadarko makes independent expenditures in the future (or contributes to state or federal independent expenditure committees, so-called “SuperPACs”), these contributions (amounts and recipient names) would be disclosed on the annual political contribution reports identified above.

Trade Association Memberships

Anadarko is a member of and actively engages in various industry and trade groups (organized under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code) in the United States. While not the primary reason for membership, some trade associations engage in educational initiatives regarding issues that affect our industry as well as lobbying activities that seek to promote legislative solutions that are sound and responsible and appropriately advance both the industry’s and Anadarko’s business goals and interests.

Other Tax-Exempt Organization Contributions

From time to time, Anadarko also supports other tax-exempt organizations, including those organized under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code, to help advance its public policy goals. For 2017, Anadarko contributed $200,000 to 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations. Reports on Anadarko’s applicable payments to 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations for 2012 and subsequent years are available in the Political Contributions Archive to the right.