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Upstream - Colorado

Colorado Response


Updated Nov. 28, 2017

Anadarko Statement Regarding Governor Hickenlooper's Regulatory Recommendations

“We appreciate the Governor’s comprehensive approach in response to the Firestone tragedy and his willingness to work openly with regulators, business leaders, developers, environmental groups, local government associations, industry and other impacted stakeholders to enhance safety within our communities. We will continue working with the Governor, state regulators and legislators in the coming weeks and months to effectively implement the measures that have been identified to date, including the expansion of the 811 (call before you dig) program, enhanced flowline pressure testing, and methane detection. We hope these actions, combined with the many other required and voluntary steps already taken, will help reassure residents about the safety of our operations. We remain committed to open communication, ongoing engagement with our communities, and ensuring our operations meet the highest environmental and safety standards.”

Al Walker
Chairman, President and CEO

You may view Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper’s news release here.

About the Notice to Operators

Colorado’s regulatory authority – the Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) – issued a statewide Notice to Operators (NTO) on May 2, following the tragic home explosion that occurred in Firestone on April 17.

On July 28, 2017, Anadarko provided confirmation to the COGCC that the company has substantially completed the operational requirements described in the NTO, as well as the Frequently Asked Questions document and the “Phase 3” Flowline Notice to Operators Extension approved on June 23.

NTO Submissions

Additional Action Beyond the NTO

Typical Vertical Well Schematic

  1. ~3,600 one-inch return lines associated with our operated vertical wells have been disconnected, and plugged and abandoned.
  2. All operated vertical wells are undergoing a 25-step comprehensive inspection process. During this inspection process to date, there have been no deficiencies identified that pose a risk to human health, and only one minor injury requiring first aid was incurred.
  3. 830+ vertical wells, which were temporarily shut in following the Firestone accident, have been returned to production.


Additional Information 

We have multiple teams of employees available to continue listening, engaging and working with our neighbors in northeast Colorado. These efforts currently include:

  • Attending a town hall with the Oak Meadows neighborhood that was conducted on May 24. Read Anadarko's prepared remarks. More than 170 residents attended. The company also held open houses for residents in both the nearby Mountain Shadows neighborhood on July 11 and the Pelican Shores subdivision on July 26.
  • Efforts to remove isolated areas of methane from the soil near Oak Meadows Blvd and the location of the accident have proven successful, as follow-up monitoring showed no detectable hydrocarbons are present in the two areas. As a result, the state regulatory authority gave permission to remove all methane monitoring wells in and around the Oak Meadows neighborhood.

  • Methane Detection Reimbursement: Initially, our focus was on helping the residents of the Oak Meadows neighborhood feel safe in their homes, and through our work with the Homeowners Association, we arranged to provide funding for the HOA to purchase methane detection equipment for individual households that wanted them. Many of the detectors were provided on May 27. We then expanded the reach of the reimbursement program to the adjacent Mountain Shadows neighborhood and subsequently have offered reimbursement for the purchase of the detectors recommended by the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District to any household in our DJ Basin area of operations that is located within half-a-mile of our equipment. To request reimbursement, contact our Stakeholder Relations team by completing the form below or emailing anadarkocolorado@anadarko.com
  • Funding the cleanup and upgrade of the Oak Meadows neighborhood park.
  • Engaging with the Colorado Oil & Gas Association and other trade organizations to share best practices.
  • Enhancing communication with Colorado homebuilders and commercial developers.
  • Focusing a team of employees on engaging with various municipalities, county and state officials and HOAs throughout the DJ Basin.

You can reach our Colorado response line at 866.248.9577 or anadarkocolorado@anadarko.com, or you may contact us using the form below.

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