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  • Owner FAQs
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  • Ownership Changes
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Anadarko US Offshore Corporation

Payment by Check

Anadarko US Offshore Corporation
P.O. Box 730245
Dallas, TX 75373-0245 

Payment by Wire/ACH

JP Morgan Chase Bank
ABA 021000021 (Wire Only)
ABA 071000013 (ACH Only)
Account #5920574 

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC

Payment by Check

Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC
P.O. Box 730002
Dallas, TX 75373-0002 

Payment by Wire/ACH

JP Morgan Chase Bank
ABA 021000021 (Wire Only)
ABA 071000013 (ACH Only)
Account #777168576 

Joint Interest Billing (JIB) Information

To Obtain EnergyLink (formerly JIBLink) User ID and Password Information:

Billing Questions:

For Joint Interest Billing invoice questions please contact the Joint Interest Billing department at crm.jib@anadarko.com or 1-800-359-1692 option #4. If you send your request via email please include:

  • JV owner number
  • Name
  • Venture number
  • Name of property and the location of the property along with the working interest it should be for further verification.

Please note an issue number will be assigned to this request for tracking purposes.

JIB Invoice Payments

Please see below for remittance instructions:

Please include your unique JV Owner number along with the month and year of the invoice payment being made (i.e., 062014JV12345601). If you are submitting a payment that is over or under the invoiced amount, you would also want to include an explanation for the difference (i.e., you don’t agree with charges billed under a specific venture/AFE).

Joint Venture Audit:

To schedule a joint venture audit or inquire about an existing audit, please send your request to:

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation 
Attn: Joint Venture Audit Manager 
P.O. Box 1330 
Houston, TX 77251-1330

Netted Revenue Check:

If you are a netted owner and your net revenues exceed your net expenses, a check will be issued around the 15th of each month. If your net revenues exceed your net expenses and you do not receive your netted revenue check please contact Joint Interest Billing for further details. Our email address is: crm.jib@anadarko.com or you may call 1-800-359-1692 option #4 for further explanation.

Requesting Refund of a Credit Balance:

To request a refund of a credit balance on your Joint Interest Billing receivable account, contact the JIB department by sending an email to crm.jib@anadarko.com or call 800-359-1692 option 4. In your request please include:

  • JV owner number
  • Company name
  • Month of the JIB Invoice 
  • Amount of credit