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Responsibility - IPIECA

Corporate Responsibility Index

Anadarko is pleased to provide you with a comprehensive look at Corporate Responsibility at Anadarko with this website. Anadarko is a proud member of IPIECA and looks to the IPIECA/ American Petroleum Institute (API)/International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP) 2010 Oil and Gas Industry Guidance on Voluntary Sustainability Reporting for direction on sustainability topics for inclusion. 

We also engage regularly with stakeholders to collect feedback on the types of sustainability disclosures that they seek. This index provides ease of access to information throughout our website.



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Climate Change and Energy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

GHG Management, CDP Report


Energy Use

CDP Report


Flared Gas

Air Quality Management

Ecosystem Services

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Ecosystem Protection


Fresh Water

CDP Report

Local Environmental Impact

Other Air Emissions

Air Quality Management


Spills to the Environment

Spill Management

Workforce Protection

Workforce Participation


Safety Performance

Occupational Health


Workforce Health

Occupational Health


Occupational Injury and Illness Incidents

Safety Performance

Community and Society

Local Community Impacts and Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement

Grievance Mechanisms


Indigenous Peoples

Approach to Human Rights


Involuntary Resettlement

Mozambique Resettlement


Social Investment

Adding Value

Local Content

Local Content Practices

National Content Development


Local Hiring Practices

National Content Development


Local Procurement and Supplier Development

National Content Development

Human Rights

Human Rights Due Diligence

Approach to Human Rights

Business Ethics and Transparency

Preventing Corruption

Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Manual

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics


Preventing Corruption Involving Business Partners

Global Anti-Corruption Compliance Manual


Public Advocacy and Lobbying

Political Contributions

Labor Practices

Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

Our Employees


Workforce Engagement

Our Employees


Workforce Training and Development

Our Employees, Benefits


Non-retaliation and Grievance System

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Grievance Mechanisms