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Responsibility - HSE

Health, Safety & Environment

“The safety and well-being of all personnel working at every Anadarko location is a top priority. A safe workplace and healthy environment are central components of our values and critical to our overall business success.”

— Al Walker
Chairman, President & CEO


Our Commitment to Safety

At Anadarko, we are committed to conducting our business the right way for our company and our stakeholders.

We strive to manage and operate our worldwide assets in a manner consistent with our core values to protect the safety and health of our employees, contractors and the public. We work to ensure that all of our activities are conducted to meet or exceed applicable health, safety and environmental (HSE) laws, regulations and international standards.

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We continually seek ways to enhance our operations in the areas of health, safety and the environment. When we undertake new projects, we work to understand the environmental and cultural considerations of the surrounding areas and communities. We take time to speak with stakeholders and identify risks and opportunities from our development that may not be readily apparent, and we create balanced plans that couple new energy development with innovative technologies that are tailored to protect the locations where we operate. Fundamental to our operating philosophy is a commitment to adhere to the highest standards based on an assessment of the individual state or country’s regulations, our own policies and principles, and international industry standards. 

Awareness Compliance

Our HSE commitment extends through the life of a project, from seismic surveys, to well retirement. Throughout all stages of exploration and development, our team works to ensure regulatory compliance and protection of our local communities and ecosystems, and our Pathway to HSE Excellence management system, or P2e, ensures constant review and assessment of our programs and policies. We also recognize that fundamental to our HSE commitment is a culture-based awareness throughout Anadarko and all of its operations and employees, not just within the dedicated HSE team.

To foster an HSE-focused culture at Anadarko, all employees are required to complete training on our Health, Safety & Environment Manual. The Manual communicates Anadarko’s HSE expectations to all employees in support of P2e and serves as a tool to help protect human health and the environment, while minimizing HSE risk during our day-to-day activities at all Anadarko-operated locations throughout the world. This Manual serves as a guide to more detailed programs, procedures and guidelines designed to support site-specific work practices. The HSE Manual complements conformance with federal, state and local HSE rules and regulations, and serves as a reference source for maintaining uniform HSE practices by specifying minimum rules and standards. In addition, we conduct internal HSE audits to provide a comprehensive assessment of our HSE policies, programs and procedures. This combined with regulatory compliance at the local, state and federal level helps ensure strong HSE performance across our operating areas.  

Anadarko operates oil and natural gas wells in areas where there is a potential for naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) to accumulate in production and processing equipment.  As a result, we provide guidelines to our employees and contractors on how to perform surveys of equipment, components, materials, and land to determine if NORM is present (sources can include produced water and other materials from the wellbore). If NORM has been identified on our locations or equipment, our employees and contractors follow specific company guidelines for worker protection (i.e., personal protective equipment requirements, personal and area monitoring and proper equipment labeling).


2016 SEEP Award Winners

HSE LogoTo recognize internal achievements in HSE, we hold an annual Safety and Environmental Excellence Program (SEEP) that enables each operating asset to showcase innovations in HSE implementation and performance to internal peers and leadership. This three-day program unites operations and HSE professionals from around the globe in a central location to share best practices and recognize leadership in safety and environmental performance and advancement of our goals.

  • Chairman's Award Excellence for Safety & Environment 
    DJ Basin
  • Executive Vice President - Safety Award of Execllence
    Delaware Basin
  • Executive Vice President - Environmental Award of Excellence
    Asset Management & Powder River
  • Honorable Submissions: